Thursday, June 1, 2017

I admit it! Before Taking this course, I thought of the Irish as a group of people that throw outrageous parties, and lived on farms. Now that I have a better understanding of the Irish history, and culture I feel connected to the Irish on an emotional level even though we haven't even made it to the airport.

Through a long and brutal history, the Irish have fought hard to preserve their way of life and, to my astonishment, never lost hope.

In less than nine days, my classmates and I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland to see the beautiful country we have read so much about.

Because I have a love of history, I am looking forward to visiting the many historic sites such as castles and monuments, and also the many museums. The National Museum of Ireland offers free admission to all four of its locations: Archeology, Decorative arts and History, Natural History, and Country Life.

     Each museum location offers many learning opportunities for   the public as well as tours, local exhibitions, and classes. I hope to see as many sites as I can so stay tuned for more!

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  1. The country life museum is not in Dublin, but the National Gallery is another free museum not mentioned here. The Archaeology National Museum is definitely worthwhile, centrally located, and covers more early history. The Decorative Arts and History is a little outside of main city center, but a wonderful museum also, especially for modern history like the fight for independence. Unless you're really into animals, I might suggest skipping the Natural History Museum. It'a a bit older and mostly full of stuffed animals in "natural" looking settings.