Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Gift of Gab- Fairytale Storytellers of the Irish

My first impression of Ireland when was I was just five years old. Not that I remember much from that trip, I can still reminisce about the green fields and open water when I was able to experience the Cliffs of Moher. I also vaguely remember the Blarney Stone and acquiring the "gift of gab".

Cliffs of Moher
My heritage is primarily from Ireland so I was excited to learn the history behind this culture. Throughout the course at IUSB- Everybody's Irish, we have been well informed about the struggles the Irish went though in order to gain independence from the British in 1921. While reading the fairytale stories that the Irish culture grew up learning and sharing from generation to generation, such as Legend of Knockmany and Condy Cullen and the Gauger, it helped me open my eyes about how this culture is about entertaining each other through stories. Through these stories, I became knowledgeable about how witty and hospitable the Irish culture is.

Dublin Castle
I am excited to take adventures in Ireland when we go in a week and to experience the culture we have learned through class. Going to the Giant's Causeway, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin pub crawls, seeing castles and churches,
and the country side. It will be a great trip abroad for an experience we will never forget!

What is everyone else excited about in Ireland?


  1. I love that you can still remember being there - even if just a little. I'm also excited about the sites, particularly Giants Causeway. I swear ireland pictures have been popping up more and more frequently on my screen saver. Pictures are never as good as the real thing - I can't wait either!

  2. Defiantly excited too! I think the course readings and learning the History of Ireland will make the trip so much more memorable. I wonder if your childhood memories will come back to you once we get there. Also, you mentioned you have Irish heritage, did you know a little about Irish history and culture before entering the class?

  3. I think it's so cool that you're going back to Ireland! The readings from class and learning about the rich history makes me even more excited to actually go and see it first hand! I'm excited to learn more as we go!