Sunday, June 25, 2017

Malahide Castle

When in Ireland, you have to go to a castle, especially the Malahide Castle. If you're interested in old history of an English family who has owned this castle for 800 years, this is the place. There is even some paranormal activity within this attraction in Ireland.
Malahide Castle

The history of the Talbot family goes all the way back to 1175. It was the home of the Talbot family for 800 years until 1975 when the last member of the family couldn't afford the inheritance taxes any longer and sold the castle to the Irish State as an attraction site.

The Talbot's are an English family holding the title of "Earls of Shrewsbury". They arrived in England during the Norman invasion with William the Conqueror.

Richard Talbot, who was a knight, was granted the land by Henry II for his "war-like" services in the Anglo-Norman conquest of Ireland. Many of the family members lived throughout the castle in which specific rooms were designated for events. Many balls and gatherings were held in the Large Drawing room.
Dining Room

Also, the castle was taken over by the Cromwellian soldiers from 1649-1660. This is the only time frame that this castle wasn't owned by the Talbot's. Oliver Cromwell brought over the anti-Catholic laws and wanted control over Ireland. Thus, the beginning of the Penal Laws.

The castle survived losses like the Penal Laws and the Battle of the Boyne. The Penal Laws were from 1695-1728, which took a toll on many Catholics because their rights were taken. The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 involved 14 members of the family being killed during their breakfast. One member survived this.

Castles are typical in Ireland, but this particular one is unique because it has so much history behind it and it was owned for 800 years! Make sure if you travel to Ireland, visit the Malahide Castle!

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  1. Malahide Castle was one of my absolute favorite visits. it was remarkable to see it so well preserved and that it was a residence for so long. It definitely has a unique history and I'm so glad we visited. Plus, you did a great job covering it!