Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ireland from the readings in class like, Document D, seems like a place that has a deep love for society and rich culture. Before taking this class I didn't truly know what to expect from Ireland expect the rich green land. I had no idea what the history was or the what the people would be like, which of course, being a first time traveler to Europe, made me nervous about the trip. After talking more about their culture, and the history (the battle between Protestant and catholic), i feel like the trip can't come soon enough.  I knew they spoke English but had no idea how different it was, or that there could even be a different kind of English and i thought that was so interesting! We use almost the same words but in a different context. knowing more of their language also helped me to feel more at ease.

At first when you think you of the Irish, you would think of the fighting irish or the luck of the irish (i had no idea how supercilious they are), the drunk irish, but thats not all what they are about, the Irish are smart in their economy set up they're the lowest tax rates right now and they are more advised than i would've thought. I'm more excited to see what their college is, like if they separate school and religion or not.

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  1. Chole,

    I am also nervous to travel too because I haven't travelled so far away since I was 5 years old. I agree that learning about the Irish culture has helped keep me well-informed about what to expect when we do go there and meet new people with a totally different culture. Going to the University in Dublin will be an awesome experience for all of us because we will get to see what it is different, but similar in ways of a college student in another country. Can't wait to go!